Either of the below options could be opted:

  1. Option 1: Outsource entire accounting and bookkeeping services to our office
  2. Option 2: Entire Accounting or just Accounting Supervision by us at your office
  3. Option 3: Online cloud-based Accounting

Before a business decision is taken all transactions need to be properly compiled under proper heads-of-account (title). These then need to be bifurcated into expenses, income, assets and liabilities which will lead to preparation of Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and other related schedules/information. Preparation of these requires relevant accounting knowledge with ability to read and analyse them. We at KC International are experienced, skilled, trained and educated to deliver this service of preparation and analysis to accounting reports that will help the businessman to take timely and relevant business decisions.

We can render this service either by preparing and maintaining accounts at our office or at businessman’s office or on cloud based accounting software. In all cases we would be requiring systematically filed accounting documents (systematic filing training can be provided).

Our skilled team of experienced accounting professionals will eliminate:

  • Expense of staff such as visa, work permit, salary etc.
  • Worry of office space; our accountants can work remotely, providing you with the same quality of deliverables.
  • Expense of installing and yearly subscription of accounting softwares.

The frequency of providing the reports and required accounting information that will facilitate businessman to be constantly informed about his business could be mutually decided. Our representatives will make a visit to business’s office/place of work and explain all procedure and answer questions.
The above is just Bookkeeping accounting wherein we provide basic accounting compilation reports on time and accurately. There is no advisory role and involves lesser cost for the businessman. There is another type of accounting called Management accounting wherein we provide all financial advise a business man generally requires. These help in taking business decisions for sustainability, strengthening the existing business, expansions, bank-finance, new branches, employee targets, budgeting, KPIs, employee-incentives and similar activities. For this please refer to our other service mentioned below and termed as Chief Financial Officer Services.

To engage our accounting and bookkeeping services , just fill up the relevant information online on this website or email us at info@kci-fms.com