• Record keeping of all employees
  • Monitoring of:
    • salaries,
    • bonuses and increments,
    • commissions / incentives,
    • overtime,
    • medical insurance & workmen compensation,
    • leaves – general, medical & annual,
    • travel expenses,
    • loans and advances,
    • profit sharing
  • Monthly processing of net pay
  • Assistance in managing time sheets
  • Assistance in appointment & termination of employees
  • End of service / Gratuity calculations
  • Other customized payroll / salary reports relating to your business

Our Promise

  • WPS Compliance (Wage Protection System)
  • Labour Law Compliance
  • Salary Sheet by 25th of every month
  • Correctness, Accurate, Timely & Confidential

Why outsource payroll management?

“Many business owners use outside payroll services. These companies guarantee compliance with all the applicable laws. This keeps the business owner out of trouble with the law and saves time that can be devoted to something else in the business.” – Entrepreneur.com

We at KC International are professional & experienced accountants, who not only ensure accuracy and legal compliance, but also save business owners the arguments with employees regarding any deductions, save time in coordination with the WPS provider, and other hassles. In special cases, we can also link these to performance evaluations.

To sum it, the benefit of outsourcing payroll accounting is in getting integrated services of a HR executive and an Accountant.