VAT Advisory and Consulting

We are Licensed professionals assisting your business with the following

  • We ensure Tax registration and quarterly VAT Filing with the authorities within the deadline and smooth implementation.
  • A VAT Invoice is a type of document that must be generated and issued by the business. As experts we prepare these VAT invoices for you pertaining to the new UAE law.
  • We understand that in order to be VAT compliant businesses will need to maintain proper accounting systems as per the bookkeeping and compliance requirements published by the authorities. You can be VAT ready by hiring our expertise.
  • We coordinate or guide your company’s accountants/staffs and ensure compliance within your existing accounting system.
  • We generate VAT return file from the certified tax accounting software, compatible with the FTA e-filing portal.
  • We are aware that businesses by law are also required to ensure that the data being submitted is accurate, as submission of an incorrect tax return can incur a penalty.
  • We can help you avoid penalties due to lack of VAT knowledge as it can lead to serious repercussions for your business resulting in high fines.
  • We offer ongoing compliance at any time providing you with cost effective option compared to appointing a full time staff.
  • We act as your contact point for all tax related matters.

Contact our team of tax specialists to receive a tailor-made quotation well suited for your business.

Our clients choose us for providing:

  • Focus on Growth:  while you focus on your core business activities, selling your products/services, business growth & sustainability, our team will handle all your back office activities and manage your financial records.
  • Financial Savings: You only pay for what you need—nothing more, nothing less & additionally save on costs of hiring in-house staff / team.
  • Compliance: we ensure compliance to tax authority regulations & International Financial Reporting Standards. We provide timely, Accurate, Relevant and Confidential reports.
  • Expert Services: We speak the language of business. Being Management Consultants, we provide integrated solutions keeping in mind your other functions – hr, sales, purchase, inventory, operations.
  • Access to Best in Class Software: Gain access / purchase affordable or free apps, software & management tools.